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What our patients are saying about us

Dr. Roe, Sue, Rose
My first dental experience was in 1962 at the age of 16, because I was hit in the mouth with a golf club. I have always received excellent dental treatment.
Dr. Roe became my third dentist in 2014 and for the first time, not only did I receive excellent dental treatment, I received excellent patient care. At age 71, for the first time, I enjoy my dental experience!
~ Dee H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Roe for the past several years. I used to be very anxious during trips to the dentist, but now I don’t worry at all. Dr. Roe and his staff always make my comfort their first priority. He is obviously very dedicated, and has always done excellent dental work for me.
~ Lynn S.

I am very happy with Dr. Roe. He is meticulous and gentle in his treatment. He has an exceptional background and education. He looks at the big picture, not just each individual tooth. I cannot recommended him more highly.
~ Liz S.

I have been seeing Dr. Roe since he replaced the retiring Dr. Faucher, who many thought was one of the outstanding prosthodontists in the area. Dr. Roe is everything Dr. Faucher said he would be and more. I have had some difficulties related to a bridge I have had for years on four of my upper teeth and Dr. Roe has done extensive meticulous work replacing it. As the other reviewers say he explains everything exceptionally well and is quite amazing and even ingenious when it comes to working through tough issues. At times he has done things that demonstrate an artistic talent you don't often find in a dentist. My new bridge is sensational! It has changed the way I chew food and given me both comfort and security. I have recommended him to my friends. I should also mention that he is also easy to talk to and will even call you to check up on your progress. I strongly recommend him and encourage you to have him look at you if you need a second opinion. That is how I met him and I'm glad I did. Finally, his office staff are very professional. Rose stands out from the many others I have worked with over the years!
~ David B.

When Dr. Faucher (my previous dentist) decided to sell his practice, it took 3 years for him to find a person he thought would exhibit the excellence he required. Dr. Roe is as excellent as Dr. Faucher expected. I can recommend him and his office without reservation. They put the customer first, and he even opened the office one Sunday when I had a tooth emergency. Dr. Roe is current on all the latest dental methods and technology. He explains what is going on so there is no wondering about what is happening. My recent implant enhances my looks and my mouth. I cannot imagine anyone else working on my teeth. The regular cleaning is painless and thorough. And, there is free parking.
~ Susan B.

Dr. Roe is THE MOST outstanding dentist. He cares most about educating you on how to keep your teeth/gums in exceptional condition. Very thorough in his explanations and spends considerable quality time with you. I never feel rushed; he's always patient and wants to make sure you have all of your questions answered. He has done considerable restorative work in my mouth and the quality is superior. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. He/his team truly care about your oral health and maximizing how you manage your home care to minimize any work that needs to be done. He's the real deal; they simply do not come any better. And, Rose, his office manager is a wonderful, warm individual always willing to go above/beyond if you need anything.
~ Michael M.

Dr. Roe, and his staff offer a unique patient experience that is truly inspiring. I've experienced a lot of dental treatment due to an accedent early in life. To put it lightly, I dread going to the dentist. After my experience with Dr. Roe I have a new opinion about dental treatment. You are truly taken care of there, on every level, the best I've ever experienced. Thank you guys looking forward to seeing you again.
~ Jarrett I.

Dr. Phillip Roe is an outstanding doctor!! I was looking for several dentists in the area to take my mother to get work done. My mother needed quite a bit of work and I wanted to make sure I got her the best possible treatment I could. Dr. Roe and his wonderful staff provided the best possible outcome for my mom in a timely manner. His expertise is off the charts. He really took the time and patience to make sure my mother was taken care of. Come to find out after the fact, Dr. Roe has several degrees in dentistry and advanced degrees. He was able to do the surgery (implant placement) and restorative work where most doctors can't. I would highly recommend him if you want the best of the best!!
~ Johnny F.

Dr. Roe is an extraordinary doctor. He regularly goes above and beyond to find the best solutions to a problem. It is part of his instinctive interest to be researching, pioneering, and reporting new and better methods for his patients. It was my good fortune to be one of his patients in Port Townsend, for too few years, before he moved to Edmonds.

Many of my friends and neighbors agree that Edmonds got one of our best prosthodontists ever. As a retired anesthesiologist who has worked with many highly skilled professionals in a variety of surgical fields I can testify that he is one of the best.

In addition to his top-notch physical skills he has an amazing ability to quickly win patient’s confidence and trust by explaining in understandable detail beforehand and during his procedures. He clearly really cares about us as patients.
~ Don S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Phillip Roe for more than 2 years. I have nothing but the highest praise for his work. He is extremely well educated and highly trained. His research in prosthodontics and implant dentistry keep him at the leading edge of these fields.

Dr. Roe’s attention to detail and standards of excellence are of the highest caliber. He is a good communicator who takes time to explain the procedures that are to be preformed. During procedures, he is attentive to patient comfort. Dr. Roe will make sure the appearance of you dental work looks natural. His staff is always helpful and friendly.

For those who need this kind of dentistry, you can’t put yourself in better hands than those of Dr. Phillip Roe.
~ Shelley E.

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