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Prosthodontists are experts in the restoration and replacement of teeth to re-establish function and esthetics to your smile. It is one of nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). After completing four years of dental school, Dr. Roe received an extra three years beyond of specialized training in an ADA accredited graduate program at Loma Linda University. With his expertise and advanced training, Dr. Roe can manage your complex dental needs and will work with a team of dental specialists to develop solutions for your treatment needs.

Prosthodontic services include (but are not limited to):

•  Implant restorations
•  Composite resin restorations
•  Inlay/Onlay restorations
•  Porcelain veneers
•  All-ceramic crowns
•  Metal-ceramic crowns
•  Complete gold crowns
•  Fixed-partial denture (Bridge)
•  Fixed-detachable implant prostheses (Hybrid)
•  Implant-supported overdenture
•  Occlusal splints (Nightguards)

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